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As spatial translators, we see ourselves translating expectations, limits and visions into spaces in which to occupy and work. Our architecture is distinctive because it is free of patterns and preconceptions of ideas, it arises naturally from a methodology of theoretical nature. In order to deeply appreciate their modes of life and goals, we spend a tremendous amount of time working with our clients to build their brief. The only driving force that forms our work is this high-resolution summary, viewed in relation to venue, safety and constraints such as planning and construction regulations. Scenario discusses and merges a broad variety of new technologies and automated processing processes with traditional and artisan manufacturing practices, informed by the solely aesthetic

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We are experts in all-scale private residential projects. This vary from architectural designs for new building, full home renovation and refurbishments. We have also undertaken several projects for environment and heritage creation. We have established our Company to provide our clients completely unique experience. We eliminate the tension of a construction project and the apprehension of dealing with builders. Throughout the life cycle of a project, we are the primary point of touch and oversee the whole process from beginning to end. There are several projects we have planned , developed and managed.

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“The most important asset to any business is its people”
There is a diverse team at Nest Contractions, whose broad-ranging skills come from both Pakistan and overseas. The collaborators have an personal relationship with the studio and are charged with delivering the vision of the studio. Together with a team of developers and interior designers, they work to spearhead each project and also provide the key interface with clients.

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