Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Architecture​ Design

We are experts in all-scale private residential projects. This vary from architectural designs for new building, full home renovation and refurbishments. We have also undertaken several projects for environment and heritage creation. We have established our Company to provide our clients completely unique experience. We eliminate the tension of a construction project and the apprehension of dealing with builders. Throughout the life cycle of a project, we are the primary point of touch and oversee the whole process from beginning to end. There are several projects we have planned , developed and managed.

Residential Architectural Design


Residential Architecture​ Design

Our residential design is formulated in response to environmental, landscape and consumer needs, faithful to an interconnected spirit that is characteristic of the studio. This supports a conviction that the nature of our lives is determined directly by our climate. Houses, apartments, and projects of large scale accommodation. The studio produces a given architecture that makes every project special. Our architecture team of imaginative planners and skilled detailing experts work towards a clear and innovative artistic vision with an innate passion for discovering the diverse complexities of how people live, especially the relationship between designing majestic inner sanctums and developing practical environments that meet individual needs.

Home Renovation

We have effectively and harmoniously introduced modern architectural innovations and features into the original fabric of the building through many restoration and heritage development initiatives.
The development team of Nest Constructions creates new designs and design strategies unique to the venue, putting together imaginative imagination and technological expertise from principles to installation.


Invariably, home renovations and mixed use developments are cost responsive. To assess project feasibility, our residential architects collaborate closely with our customers. This entails both development priorities and crucial business decisions on multiple occupancy architecture. The studio incorporates conceptual analysis with all development projects with construction methods.
This ensures that developments are appealing to the consumer and fulfil the long-term accommodation requirements needed.

Planning Application

The architectural team has a wealth of expertise across all boroughs of Pakistan as well as abroad with planning departments.
From small to large-scale residential schemes, we counsel on both planning concerns and construction legislation. In consultation with Pakistani heritage and even external planning consultancy teams, we work where possible.

Landscape Design

An integral aspect of any design project is the understanding of the exterior environment. It is important to match exterior principles with an architectural scheme, whether it concerns the landscaping of a garden at the rear of a house or creating an illuminated walled garden for a housing development scheme. In partnership with landscape architects, we are able to achieve suitable, elegant and elaborate solutions for space.

Sustainable Home Design

It is important to be responsible for good architecture. To this end, the studio is working in all areas of expertise with reclaimed materials as well as environmentally sourced items. A core aspect of the studio ‘s culture around conscientious design is experimentation of passive means of comfort, themal regulation and shading, and ventilation.

Commercial Architectural Design


Commercial Architecture​ Design

Behind all commercial ventures, our central design philosophy is to strike the best balance between enhancing efficiency and effective use of space. We also deliver groundbreaking strategies that promote social engagement and enhancement. The desire to transcend name and corporate branding into architectural design elements is a core attribute of our business team. Our commercial architects offer a wealth of expertise partnering with business owners, executing groundbreaking commercial designs across Pakistan on a small to medium scale. We have considerable experience consulting on all forms of business projects with outside project management firms, consultant design teams and contractors.


We aspire to build working experiences for employees at their heart that are welcoming and inspiring. Effective commercial architecture projects need in-depth study and consultants to match market priorities with innovative thinking. We seek to identify the basic needs of business from the start, to educate consumers about how innovative contribution can strengthen the working atmosphere, to promote constructive collaboration, and to make a company a more engaging place to be.


Our restaurant and hotel projects are creative and often relevant to the background, representing both a comprehensive concept and a special practical concern. Enriched by experience in architectural interiors and product architecture, attention to detail in both form and function is expressed in these rooms. We know how to build and design the hospitality places.

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