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Town Planing

Town Planing

Community planning underpins growth in the developed world, with half of the world's population living in cities. The land use planning and urban design team at Nest Constructions has a wide range of expertise and knowledge that can be adapted to a variety of projects and customers. Our planning services may be provided separately or combined to suit the needs of customers with other services. National and local governments, health and education institutions, transport companies, companies, entrepreneurs, business firms, banks, financing agencies and NGOs are among our clients.

Experienced Team

Nest Constructions town planing team comprise experienced town planners based around the glob. Our consultants find ways to improve the assurance of acceptance and thus minimize costs and accelerate construction times by leading the early phases of a project. Our planning services may be provided separately or combined to meet the needs of consumers with other services.
We work together with environmental scientists, developers, transport managers and specialists in the area of sustainability to oversee projects from start to finish.

Statutory planning advice

For both private and public sector clients, we conduct planning reviews, discuss  and request significant planning proposals and obtain listed building or protected area consents.

Public investigation and service for expert witnesses

In large policy hearings with both public and private sector companies, many of our employees are called upon to arrange and deliver testimony as expert witnesses.

Master planning

We build master plans including the configuration and density of developed form, process of construction, open space, facilities, criteria for public access and landscape, as well as utility, highway or environmental considerations.

Development Potential Review

In order to assess appropriate ground coverage and construction merit, we analyze land growth opportunities,  including concerns such as parking, car access and operation, daylight / sunshine, density and plot ratio.

Public consultation

Community consultation, including planning seminars, public presentations, awareness campaigns and community relations, is led and sponsored by our town planners. We play a leading role in delivering planning and engineering architecture for urban, environmental and industrial growth, creating a financial model for the district and setting out the geographical and functional criteria for all new venues. We help stakeholder consultations and the public communicate their goals and aspirations for the region as part of this work.

Project management

Via the planning application process, our managers co-ordinate the numerous experts to ensure the proposal is completed on schedule and on budget.

Problematic applications

In challenging environments, including urban sites where local views are firmly held, and areas in protected green belt areas and regions of outstanding natural beauty, we assist with construction projects.

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